"Use what you have"
"Use what you have"

A Bit of Local History


For those who don't have a clue about where Polk County is located in Tennessee, we live on the south eastern border about 30 minutes drive away from the most western North Carolina border About a 15 minute drive south puts you in North Georgia.


One could either say our county should be in North Carolina or Georgia and there have been attempts to change boundaries several times especially when everyone found out just how valuable our little "neck of the woods" really was and still is. We are in the foot hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as home to many Ocoee and Hiawassee rafting businesses, the campers and lakers are coming in from all part of the United States.


And as our visitors hike, boat, raft, enjoy the famous Tennessee hillbilly music, crafts and southern fried hospitality, the area farmers look on from fields and barns that have been plowed and harvested for many generations. Although tourism has created new industry, farming still remains what keeps many of the locals keep busy year round.


However, very few new generational youngsters are actually interested in or producing food for the masses. The saying "one of the days America is going to wake up hungry" gets closer with each Tennessee sunset.


Mission statement


Trew Organic Farms is dedicated to the idea that the old ways with new understanding can be combined to maintain and develop the existing land, produce natural and healthy foods, and continue to live a most rewarding and beneficial lifestyle. We pledge to promote and support a natural environment for our products, our loved ones and our community at large.


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