"Use what you have"
"Use what you have"

A Bit of Local History


For those who don't have a clue about where Polk County is located in Tennessee, we live on the south eastern border about 30 minutes drive away from the most western North Carolina border.  About a 15 minute drive south puts you in North Georgia.


One could either say our county should be in North Carolina or Georgia and there have been attempts to change boundaries several times especially when everyone found out just how valuable our little "neck of the woods" really was and still is. We are in the foot hills of the Great Smoky Mountains as well as home to many Ocoee and Hiawassee rafting businesses. The campers and lakers are coming in from all parts of the United States.


And as our visitors hike, boat, raft, enjoy the famous Tennessee hillbilly music, crafts and southern fried hospitality, the area farmers look on from fields and from their barns that have been plowed and harvested for many generations. Although tourism has created new industry, farming still remains what keeps many of the locals  busy year round.


However, very few new generational youngsters are actually interested in or producing food for the masses. The saying "one of these days America is going to wake up hungry" gets closer with each Tennessee sunset.


Mission statement


Trew Organic Farms is dedicated to the idea that the old ways with new understanding can be combined to maintain and develop the existing land, produce natural and healthy foods, and continue to live a most rewarding and beneficial lifestyle. We pledge to promote and support a natural environment for our products, our lovedones, and our community at large.


 Family Histories:



The Trews were early settlers in the Delano, Benton, Ocoee Area.  Bill is one of four sibblings residing in the local area and South Carolina.  He farms some of the original Trew family land.  The Trew family has been in farming as well as other business enterprises since 1906 and at this time the grandchildren represent the 6th generation of farming.  Bill is a  decendant of the Trew family who owned and operated Trew Store located in Delano, TN.  People throughout the entire area visited and still talk about that wonderful country store, hoop cheese, and various old timey items you just can't find anymore that made great memories for us all.  There were businesses here and there created by Trew kin folk who worked very hard and loved their corner of the world.  This is Trewly an awsome heritage.  Bill and other family members continue that tradition today.  Bill has one son, Zachary, his wife Cigi , and two daughters, Carissa Ballew, her husband Jason, and Emily Maynard, her husband Jordan. 

The 6 grandchildren are:  Brock Trew, Addyson Trew, Brayden Ballew, Judah Ballew, Archie Ray Maynard, and the newest addition Zella Ruth Maynard.   



  Blondie's end of the world takes us back to Texas and Virginia.  Jeannie's Mother's roots come from a family farm located in the east Dallas area.  Her Mother, June Glover Marshall, was youngest of 10 siblings living on a small cattle ranch.  Jeannie's father, Bishop James Marshall, was a backwoods Virginian born close to Wythville and was a professional painter you trade, artist, and very colorful lifelong minister.  Her parents met at Lee College, married, and stayed in the Tennessee area, pastoring several local churches with her mother teaching many years at Waterville Elementary.  Jeannie has one brother, Colonial James Alan Marhall, retired Airforce, and now CEO of 3 Classical Christian private schools and resides with his wife Kendra and two boys Nolan and Joshua in Texas. 


Jeannie has a son, Daniel Cummings, daughter, Carrie Inglis/Husband Mike Inglis, and their children Sarah/Daniel's and Kurt and Evan/Carrie's and Mike's.  Of course, Blondie -Gammie, Grammie, Nanna, Grandmother Jeannie, and Mamaw Jeannie, and just Jeannie knows no boundries in love for both her side and Bill's side of relatives and all those "Kiddos".  She loves them much and spends her time trying to do those little things kids love and remember.  Blondie is one happy and very blessed gal.  She prefers the "old ways" and feels that the memories she most cherishes about her childhood should still be memories the sons and daughters and grandchildren are making now.  It has been said that Grandmothers are just Antique little girls.  That's Blondie for sure.  




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