"Use what you have"
"Use what you have"



CHRISTMAS 2020 AROUND TREWVILLE:  On the sidebar of  "HOME" page!



Spring Greetings From Blondie!    Spring has finally sprung right into very hot weather around our parts here in the south.  We just hope that there is a bit of rain coming our way very soon.  Having a very late planting season with not much rain can make a farmer and his wife nervous.  There are a few times rain must happen especially for corn and that is right after planting and then when the corn tossiles after that corn is pretty hardy no matter.  We will just have to pray and watch to see what happens this season.  







People need a good sense of humor to go along with a fair amount of common sense living on a farm. That Farming Man of Mine possess both and thankfully much patience as he tries to train me in the ways of farming. I have learned that you can also teach an old dog a few new tricks along the way especially if they don’t recognize a training session is in progress. Still, being head over hills in love keeps Blondie smiling whether or not those little animals start knocking over the gnomes and eyeing colorful winter cabbages that have replaced summer petunias. I looked it up. Winter cabbages are not edible.  The autumn fall display, including corn stalks and pumpkins, almost dares livestock close by to escape and head for the house. For this reason I run out and take lots of photos .......just in case.



Other Farm Stories to follow………

Feel free to email us with questions or thoughts on living the country life and loving the old ways.  My email address is jeanniektrew@gmail.com.  Blessings to all!




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