"Use what you have"
"Use what you have"


                 Here are a few recent pictures of our Family



Brock at the Polk County Fair

Archie Ray Maynard

                                                    Grand Daughter, Sarah






Bill at the Farmer's Market

Our Family was blessed with the addition of Baby Kurt

to Daughter Carrie and her Husband Mike!



In this photo:

Carrie, Kurt and Sarah



Proud Daddy Mike, with Baby Kurt

and Bill in the background




Evan is thrilled and we are so happy for these brothers!



Niece Heather's Wedding, My 40th Class Reunion, Bill's Wright

Family reunion and some recent shots of Bill and I.


Bill and I at Heather's Wedding.



Bill and Jeannie at Rehearsal Dinner



Jeannie and Margaret at the Wright Family Reunion



Bride and Groom: Heather and Nick



WHOOPS!! Busted!



Precious Dancers at the Wedding



Close-up of Jeannie at Wedding (taken by Grandchild)


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