"Use what you have"
"Use what you have"

Jeannie making choocolate covered jellies

Tasty treats in the making

Kitchen fun

Yo Yo Project

Quilt in the making

Jeannie loves to "pittle" as she puts it.  One of her favorite patterns is the Yo Yo design.  This hobby is relaxing to her.  It is actually called a slow sew project.  Working on a comforter for some 19 years seems slow for sure!   Here is a sneek preview of that slow sew in the making.  Can anyone top how slow this is for 1 king comforter!  Doubt it ??

Sharing tasty treats

Jeannie's Tea

Her friends say that Jeannie is  kind, hospitable and talented friend they know.  Sure hope you have the opportunity to meet her and taste some of her desserts and teas. .

Making Tasty Treats

<<  Addy watching Jelly cook.

Made Just For You

Homemade Vanilla Extract

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